What to Do If You Sleep in a Room With Bedbugs

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Bedbug bites sometimes itch.

Bedbugs are parasites that have existed for centuries. Sleeping in a room with bedbugs can be dangerous for one's health. Bedbugs can be hard to detect and a challenge to get rid of. Get rid of the bedbugs as soon as possible to prevent any major medical problems and to prevent having to incur any unexpected relocation expenses.


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Check for Bite Marks and Other Symptoms

Bedbug bites and other symptoms are fairly easy to recognize. Most people have reactions such as bite marks and unexplained rashes. Check all inhabitants in the home for any unexplainable rashes and bite marks. If you suspect an infestation, it's best to contact your local health care provider to get proper treatment.

Locate the Infestation

Finding where the bedbugs are in your room can be a bit challenging. Bedbugs are called bedbugs because they can generally be found in the sleeping area, particularly in the bed frame and mattress. Check any cracks and crevices in the frame or surrounding area. Bedbugs are also known to hide in furniture, clothes, luggage and curtains. Look for the bedbugs, their eggs or larvae and fecal material. Blood stains, and brown or black spots are signs of bedbug infestation.


Clean Your Room

Wash all of your linen, clothes and bedding in extremely hot water. Vacuum the room to remove any traces of dirt and dust from the area. If you cannot afford to purchase a brand new mattress, vacuum your old mattress. Upon vacuuming the mattress, place the mattress inside a mattress bag and zip it close.

Contact a Pest Exterminator

To ensure that your room is completely free of bedbugs, call your local pest exterminator. Make sure he is fully licensed and bonded. Research how long they have been operating and check references. Be sure to ask how much the fee is for the bedbug extermination. Ask what the procedure will be and what chemicals are used in the extermination process. It is best to contact several pest exterminators to get a reasonable price. Also ask what you will be expected to do to assure a successful extermination.



Traveling and renting can put you at an increased risk for getting bed bug infestations. Properly checking your travel lodgings for any signs of bedbugs can help ensure you do not bring home any bedbugs. If you suspect that you may be visiting or living at an infested location, sort and place all travel clothing into plastic bags prior to returning home. Launder the clothing in extremely hot water before exposing it to the home environment.


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