8 Reasons to Give Into Your Peanut Butter Cravings

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Food cravings are no joke. Desperately wanting to eat something can be incredibly distracting, but it can also be your body's way of saying that you aren't getting the nutrients you need. Take a hankering for peanut butter: when everyone around you starts to look a lot like a jar of the crunchy, creamy, salty goodness, it might be time to have the treat. And as it turns out, the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals present in peanut butter means that an indulgence doesn't have to be all that bad. The next time you're itching for this beloved food, don't just grab a spoonful — these recipes are much more satisfying.

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Peanut butter chocolate chip pretzel cups on a white plate
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Salty Meets Sweet in These Peanut Butter Cups

Every minute counts when you have an insatiable need for something tasty. When you can't wait any longer, opt for these salty and sweet peanut butter chocolate chip pretzel cups, which make one drool-worthy baked good in a snap. Share them with friends, or hoard them all for yourself.

Chocolate covered peanut butter balls
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Peanut Butter Balls for When You're on the Run

What is a perfect on-the-go snack? Peanut butter, of course. These no-bake chocolate peanut butter balls are chocolate-covered and heavenly. Bonus: a batch can be made ahead, just in case you're in for a particularly busy day.

Bowl of peanut butter ice cream on a table
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Chill Out With Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Get your fix in the coolest way possible with an all-natural ice cream. This recipe incorporates some of the best things in the world: peanut butter, coconut milk and chocolate. Who could say no to that?

Marbled peanut butter and chocolate brownie wedges
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Peanut Butter Brownies That Go to the Next Level

While ordinary brownies are a wonderful dessert, these brownies take gooey deliciousness to new heights. Why, you ask? Because peanut butter harmonizes with classic chocolate to create the ultimate dish.

Jars of peanut butter mousse and a wooden spoon
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Amuse Your Palate With This Light Peanut Butter Mousse

If you are looking for a light treat, let mousse be your muse. This simple three-ingredient recipe gives your favorite flavor a decadent and airy finish, and it'll be just what you need on a warm day.

Close up of a chocolate covered peanut butter bar
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Peanut Butter Bars That Work for All Occasions

Turn off your oven because you won't be needing it for this awesome treat. Be the talk of the bake sale, casual dinner or summer block party when you unveil crispy peanut butter bars. Just make sure to get a piece for yourself!


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