Difference Between Roman Art & Medieval Art

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Roman art depicted the life of Roman leaders.

Roman art consisted of art produced in ancient Rome, particularly in the territories of the Roman Empire. Prior to 500 B.C., Romans were influenced by the Etruscans. Roman art began around 500 B.C. and ended at the fall of Rome in 1453 A.D. Medieval art covers a wide period of time in art history and covers the production of art and artists in North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The Medieval period ranged from 476 A.D. to 1453 A.D.



An artistic medium is how the artist chooses to create art and often refers to the material used in the creation of artwork. Medieval art consisted of mediums like sculpture, stained glass, metalwork and mosaics. Roman art mediums often included forms like architecture, sculpture, mosaics and paintings.


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The Church

Medieval art grew largely out of the early Christian church after the fall of the Roman Empire. The art of the Medieval times took on a different direction. Medieval art became more focused on symbolism representing Christian art and Christian concepts. Art took on the role of church decorations.


Roman Civilization

Roman art was developed largely because of the Roman Empire, during the time of Romulus to Emperor Constantine. Roman art often depicted Roman mythology because of the Roman belief in the power of the gods, but artists also illustrated Roman Emperors, particularly in sculpture.



Roman artists borrowed heavily from their Greek precedents, especially in the areas of art and portraiture. This demonstrates the esteem which Romans had for Greek artists. Medieval art is a mixture of Roman, Islamic and German art. Medieval art varied widely depending on the location of the artists and was also influenced by their heritage. Changes in art over time showed how artistic styles were assimilated by different cultures.



The development of art in both Roman and Medieval times was largely due to the assimilation of cultures because of people being conquered. Roman art was also commissioned and put on display in different countries as decoration, widening the influence of artistic expression.



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