Bugs That Look Like Popcorn Kernels

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Ticks are one of the bugs that can resemble a popcorn kernel.

Insects are one of the most plentiful creatures on the planet. They come in every shape and size, and they can be beneficial or destructive. Knowing what kinds of bugs are pests and which ones are harmless is important before making any decisions to destroy them. Bugs that resemble popcorn kernels are often pests.


Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a huge problem worldwide, as of 2010. Their resistance to many chemicals has led to a resurgence in their population. A parasite that feeds on blood, bed bugs go through five nymph stages before becoming adults. Each nymph stage looks like popcorn kernels, and even the adult can resemble a larger unpopped kernel of corn.

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The tick is another common parasite that closely resemble popcorn kernels throughout most of its life cycle. Although its earliest phase is too small to be considered a good resemblance to a kernal, as it grows and, especially as it gorges on blood, the tick swells and resembles a gray popcorn kernel more.


Blue Bug

The blue bug is a type of beetle that lives in the yards and gardens of most suburban neighborhoods. It is a member of the stinkbug family and its small, round body looks a great deal like a popcorn kernel. It is almost teardrop-shaped and is roughly the same size as a large popcorn kernel.


Adult Ant Damsel Bug

The adult ant damsel bug is a type of assassin bug that closely resembles a popcorn kernel. It is larger than a popcorn kernel but has a teardrop shape. This is a common type of bug you can find in almost any lawn and garden.



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