Paint Color That Won't Show Dirt for Back Porch Walls

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Beige tends to hide sand-colored dirt very well.

Many people choose paint colors for their home for purely aesthetic reasons. Professionals know that paint colors and shades offer a great deal more than just beauty. While some colors of paint help reduce heating costs, others contribute to lower cooling costs. In addition, while certain shades of paint help mask the appearance of flaws, others tend to accentuate them. If you plan to paint your back porch walls, you should consider each of these factors before settling on a color. If hiding dirt is your ultimate concern, select a color based on where you live.


Dark Colors

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Dark colors of paint, such as deep blues and greens, offer great benefits to certain homes. If your home is marred with holes and fissures, dark colors tend to hide these flaws very well. Dark colors also absorb sunlight; this characteristic helps lower heating costs in the winter. For all their benefits, dark colors of paint have one drawback: they do not hide dirt well. Do not choose a dark color of paint if you are concerned about hiding dirt.

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Medium Colors

Medium colors of paint tend to hide dirt better than dark colors. While light colors, such as white and pea green, tend to show dirt, medium tones tend to hide it better. Unfortunately, these paints also reveal flaws within wood trim and siding. If your back porch walls are flawed, you'll need to measure that concern against your desire to hide dirt.


Best Choice

If your ultimate goal is to hide dirt on your back porch walls, your best bet is to choose a color similar to the dirt itself. Select a color based on where you live. If the dirt in your back porch is light tan, apply a beige or sand color of paint; if you live in an area that has reddish dirt, select a rust color; if you live in an environment rich with dark, black dirt, choose a deep brown color of paint.



If your back porch walls are subject to a lot of dirt, you should apply a paint that is easy to clean. Glossy exterior paints are resistant to dirt and stains because their slick texture discourages adhesion.


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