My Black & Decker Weed Eater Feeding Line Is Not Working

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You can fix your weed eater.
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Black+Decker's trimmers are equipped with automatic feed spool technology that makes it easy to feed the line without interrupting your work. If your Black+Decker trimmer auto feed is not working, there are a few simple things that you can check to identify the problem and fix the issue. Before troubleshooting, make sure the weed eater is unplugged and turned off so that you can make repairs safely.


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Problems With the Spool

If you are having Black+Decker string trimmer problems, the first thing to check is that the spool is wound and installed correctly. Check the use and care guide for your model of weed wacker and make sure that you are using the correct diameter of string. Using the incorrect size can cause wear on the lever of the feed system.


Next, make sure that the line is not trapped inside the spool. You will need to remove the spool and open the cap to ensure the line is properly installed and not stuck. The spool should be wound neatly and evenly. If you notice the line is loose or bulging in certain areas, this can also cause issues with the feeding line. Also, be sure the line is wound in the right direction.


Since the automatic feed spool system works using centrifugal force, if the spool is wound the wrong way, the spool won't unwind and feed properly. There is an arrow marked on the spool indicating the correct direction to wind the line as well as instructions specific to your model in your use and care guide.


Incorrect Trimmer Use

In some cases, the feeding line may not work because of the way you are using the trimmer. If you are using the trimmer to do edging, this can cause the line to kink, interfering with proper line feeding. To fix this, turn off the trimmer and open up the spool. Pull out about 2 inches of line and then replace the spool.


If you run into this issue, make adjustments to the way you are operating the trimmer. When using it as an edger, it can help to allow more space between the trimmer and the ground. This prevents the line from getting too short and kinking.

Black+Decker Trimmer Parts Replacement

Another reason the feeding line may not be working is that the line or lever is old and worn. An old line is more likely to kink and get jammed in the trimmer. If this is the issue, replace the line, making sure to get the correct size, and wind it neatly in the direction indicated on the spool.


The lever may also be the culprit. Make sure you have the correct lever for your weed wacker. Check the use and care guide to ensure the correct model is installed. It is also possible the lever is too worn to work correctly. If these steps don't fix the problem, the spool cap and spring may also need to be replaced to fix the problem.


If you need replacement parts to fix your weed wacker, contact the Black+Decker service center or order parts online at



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