At What Height Do I Hang a Wall-Hung Vanity?

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A wall hung vanity is exactly as the name implies: a vanity that hangs from the wall. A traditional bathroom vanity consists of a cabinet base with a vanity countertop and sink. The piece sits directly on the ground and against one wall. A wall hung vanity sits slightly above the floor with a small amount of space underneath.

Sizing Considerations

A bathroom vanity typically sits 29 inches high. The height puts the top of the cabinet at waist-high or slightly lower, depending on your height. If you have smaller children in your home, this height is just right because it lets kids easily reach the sink handles. You can mount the sink higher if you have adults only living in the property. A higher cabinet puts less pressure on your back because you do not need to bend or stoop as far over the cabinet.


When you install a vanity higher, you risk interfering with electrical wires and plumbing in the bathroom. The bathroom already has the existing lines required for running water to the sink and electric to the lighting fixtures and outlets. If you place the vanity higher on the wall, it might block those lines. Depending on the shape and size, the vanity might even cover outlets on the walls.

Prevent Problems

Measure the height and length of the wall hung vanity. Cut a large sheet of paper to the same size as the vanity. Measure the height you want for the vanity and tape the paper to the wall. Check for any problem spots, including outlets and move the paper as needed. Keep moving the paper around the wall until you decide on the final location of the vanity. Step back a few feet from the wall and test the height. Mime washing your hands or brushing your teeth and see how the height feels for your body.


Wall hung vanities come in multiple sizes, depending on the manufacturer. You must take into account the existing height of the piece when you install one in your bathroom. If the piece measures 20 inches high and you want a height of 31 inches, you must mount it 11 inches above the floor. If you want the look of a floating sink with the entire vanity raised 12 inches or higher above the floor, you want a vanity of a smaller height.