The Best Products to Kill Creeping Charlie

Knowing that creeping Charlie, Glechoma hederacea, is a member of the mint family will give most gardeners reason to worry if they find it in their lawns or flowerbeds. Another common name, ground ivy, gives further clues that you do not want this notorious weed in your landscape. Regardless of your approach to getting rid of this plant, it is likely to take multiple attacks to eliminate it; start out with the best products for killing creeping Charlie.

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Products with Triclopyr

Triclopyr, formerly only available as a brush killer but now available to control weeds, is probably the best herbicide for killing creeping Charlie, according to Cooperative Extension specialists. Few products contain triclopyr as the only active ingredient. As of publication, Ortho's Weed-B-Gon Chickweed, Clover and Oxalis Killer is one such product labeled for use on creeping Charlie. Many products containing triclopyr also include other herbicidal ingredients that may be effective in killing creeping Charlie, such as Confront, which also contains clopyralid, and Turflon, containing 2,4-D. Such products work to kill creeping Charlie even during the summer months, according to Michigan State University specialists.

Products with Dicamba

Dicamba is another herbicide extension experts identify as effective in killing creeping Charlie. Products containing dicamba are typically combined with two other active ingredients, 2,4-D and MCPP. Those labeled for use in combating creeping Charlie include Rockland Corporation's Three Way Lawn Weed Killer and Gordon's Trimec.

Products with 2,4-DP

Although experts typically mention products with triclopyr and dicamba as most efficient in killing creeping Charlie, 2,4-DP in combination with other ingredients may be effective, too. One such product is Weedone DPC, which combines 2,4-DP with 2,4-D.


Although herbicides are a familiar tool to many gardeners, these powerful chemicals deserve respect. Read the label of any product to ensure it contains the ingredients you're looking for in a formulation registered for killing creeping Charlie. Note what other plants the herbicide kills; you want a product that will not kill lawn grasses or other desirable plants where you are battling creeping Charlie. Some products may require a licensed pesticide applicator.

Product names and ingredients aren't the only things you need to know; timing of herbicide applications is often important. For example, pre-emergent herbicides are not effective in controlling creeping Charlie, partly because it is a perennial rather than a reseeding annual. It is important to apply postemergent herbicides to actively growing weeds. For creeping Charlie, the best time to use these products is during the fall or spring when the plants are in flower.


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