How to Control Banana Spiders

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Banana spiders thrive in lit locations and vegetated areas.

Banana spiders are known throughout most of North America as harmless house spiders -- while another deadly species of banana spider thrives in Central and South America's rain forests. Controlling and ridding your home of banana spiders is possible with a few household changes, depending on your location and the severity of the infestation.


Step 1

Inspect your home or the area where the banana spiders are located. Check each room for spiders, nests and possible eggs to get a better idea of the supplies you will need.

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Step 2

Knock down any spider webs you find, as the spider will relocate to a new area to rebuild.

Step 3

Clean and organize all of the rooms and areas in the location of the banana spiders. Clean and remove all food wrappers, crumbs and any other evidence of food and drinks. Vacuum all of the spider webs you come in contact with.

Step 4

Check and secure all windows, doors and cracks in your home to prevent the banana spiders from entering easily.


Step 5

Clean your porch lights and any other outdoor lights you have, as spiders are drawn to these because of the chance to find food from other bugs. Keep your outdoor lights off as much as possible at night, to keep the banana spiders away.

Step 6

Use a bug killer or spider spray on the outside of your home and around all windows and door cracks inside of your home. The spray will keep spiders and other bugs away from your property for a few months -- depending on the formula.


Call an exterminator if you have an extreme banana spider infestation and you have taken the necessary steps to stopping the spiders from entering your home.

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