How to Build a Wind Sculpture

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Things You'll Need

  • Pictures

  • Plain paper

  • No 2. pencil

  • Thin wire

  • Pliers

  • Metal objects

  • Chain of key rings or string

  • Electric fan or hair dryer

  • Gloves

A metal slinky can be maniputed to create form within the kinetic wind sculpture.

Sculptors produce intricate and curious kinetic wind sculptures made out of metal that can be seen adorning the public landscape. But you don't need to be a trained artist or a metal worker to make your own metallic wind sculptures for your own back garden. You can create your own hanging sculpture using household metals to look like a great work of kinetic art.


Step 1

Observe real-life kinetic wind sculptures or pictures to see the different types of wind sculptures and to see how each piece moves.

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Step 2

Sketch a design in pencil on to a sheet of plain paper of your kinetic wind sculpture. Consider the materials you want to use, such as coat hangers, thin wire, old bed springs or even a slinky, tin cans, key rings and metal dog tags. Create a design that is abstract in form and has elements which will hang, sway or spin in the wind. For instance, create a main structure and then create smaller inner structures that hang from each other, such as three triangles inside each other. Hang coils that will spin or other metal shapes and objects from a single frame as another example.


Step 3

Construct the main frame of your wind sculpture using thin wire or coat hangers. Use pliers to help bend the wire into shape. Twist wire together to connect loose ends. Ensure that the top end of your sculpture has a hook (like a coat hanger hook) or loop so that string or a metal chain can be feed through to hang it from a strong tree branch or pole. Make any inner structures that you may have detailed in your design.


Step 4

Attach all hanging segments of your structure to each other using chains made with metal key rings. Use string as an alternative method.

Step 5

Test the kinetic movement of your wind sculpture by placing it before an electric fan or even a hair dryer. Adjust kinetic parts if they are not moving correctly.


Crush or cut tin cans to create abstract metallic objects to hang from the sculpture. Decorate the wire wind sculpture with craft beads by feeding the wire through each bead.


Wear thick gloves when working with wire and cutting tin cans to avoid injury.



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