How to Remove Cabinets in a Travel Trailer

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Things You'll Need

  • Screw gun

  • Rivet remover tool

If you have a travel trailer with old cabinets and want to replace those cabinets with new fixtures, you'll first have to remove the existing cabinets. This is not unlike removing cabinets from a residential kitchen and only requires a couple of tools. However, as with kitchen cabinets, you will need a helping hand to be able to dismount the cabinets without damaging other parts of your travel trailer. Before you know it, the old cabinets will be out of your travel trailer.


Step 1

Empty your travel trailer's cabinets to make the cabinets both lighter and easier to remove. Leaving items inside your travel trailer's cabinets while removing them can cause damage to your belongings.

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Step 2

Locate the mounting screws inside the cabinet fastened through the back cabinet wall. Have an assistant hold the underside of the cabinet as you unfasten the mounting screws with a screw gun.


Step 3

Check for retaining screws fastened through the cabinet to adjoining cabinets. Unfasten these retaining screws with a screw gun.

Step 4

Pull the travel trailer cabinet from the wall gently to determine if there are any rivets holding the cabinet to the travel trailer's wall. Pull out the rivets with a rivet puller tool, if applicable.

Step 5

Along with your assistant, pull the cabinet from the recess to complete removal.


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