How to Replace Rope on a Yard-Man

Things You'll Need

  • 1/8-inch braided nylon rope, 8 to 9 feet

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • C-clamp or vice grip

Over the life of your Yard-Man lawn mower, the starter rope is likely to break. As such, MTD, the manufacturer of the Yard-Man, has made the starter rope relatively easy to replace. The most important thing about replacing a starter rope on a Yard-Man mower is choosing the right type of rope. Rope too thin is prone to break, while rope too thick won't get enough rotation to start the motor.

Step 1

Remove the blower housing from the outside of the engine. Depending on the model and age of the mower, this may require either removing a series of bolts or cutting off the original rivets. Cutting rivets may be best done by bringing the mower to a repair professional.

Step 2

Wind the pulley until the auto-retract spring is tight. Back the pulley a little so that the hole on the pulley lines up with the hole in the blower housing.

Step 3

Lock the pulley in place by clamping it to the housing.

Step 4

Remove the old starter rope. It may be necessary to fold over a stamp or other stabilizer placed over the rope.

Step 5

Feed the new rope through the hole in the blower housing into the pulley.

Step 6

Tie the rope into the pulley by knotting it so that the rope is secure in the pulley hole.

Step 7

Remove the clamp and slowly allow the spring to wrap the cord around the pulley.

Step 8

Replace the blower housing securely.

Step 9

Attach the handle to the new starter rope. Use a new handle, or reuse the old one if you can remove it from the old rope.