How to Turn Newspaper Into Toilet Paper

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Newspapers have a variety of uses after they're read.

Recycling is an effective way of making the Earth's resources last longer. The more paper products are recycled, the fewer trees need to be cut down to make new ones. Newspaper is often used as a method of cleaning mirrors and other household surfaces. It can also be recycled as wrapping paper. While it is not recommended, newspaper can double as toilet paper. Turning newspaper into toilet paper should be done carefully to avoid cutting yourself in the process.


Step 1

Cut a single newspaper piece into a small square approximately the length of your hand. Scissors will help you do this more effectively than just tearing it.

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Step 2

Fold the hand-sized paper in half to give it a little bit of extra thickness. Stack the sheets next to the toilet, or take them with you on camping trips.

Step 3

Flush after every one or two sheets is used when using a toilet. Newspaper is not intended to be used as toilet paper for an extended period of time, so frequently flushing helps prevent pipe clogs.


There is a Japanese machine that also converts paper into toilet paper for you, but the high-price devices have not caught on in the United States yet.

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