How to Fix a Loose Handle on a Skillet

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Small adjustable wrench

  • Drill

  • Screw and nut

Find a skillet's screws should be easy enough.

A good skillet is worth its weight it gold when it comes to cooking, as it will assist you in making a variety of dishes from stir-fry meals to scrambled eggs. However, over time even the best skillets' handles loosen. While this issue isn't serious, it can make using the skillet more difficult, not to mention potentially dangerous. For example, if you've got a bunch of hot oil frying in the pan, a loose handle could lead to some splashing. Luckily, fixing a handle yourself calls for only basic repair.

Screwed- or Bolted-on Handles

Step 1

Hold the clean, dry skillet by the pan portion and find the screws that attach the handle to the pan.

Step 2

Insert the tip of a screwdriver into the ridges of the screw or adjust a small wrench around the head of the bolt. Turn the screwdriver or wrench in a clockwise motion.

Step 3

Continue to turn the screwdriver or wrench to the right until the screw or bolt is tight. Repeat this process with any additional screws or bolts that attach the handle to the pan.

Welded Handle

Step 1

Examine the area where the handle has been welded onto the side of the pan with metal welds. Drill a hole through the metal weld and the pan.

Step 2

Slip a 1- or 2-inch screw through the hole, depending on how thick the metal weld and the pan are together.

Step 3

Place a nut on the end of the screw and tighten it securely. This will allow you to create a tight grip connecting your handle to the pan. Tightening the handle will now be a matter of adjusting the nut on the screw.