How to Adjust an HK Porter Bolt Cutter

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Household oil

H.K. Porter bolt cutters are heavy-duty, two-handled cutters. All models feature ground alloy cutting jaws with precision cutting edges and steel tubular handles. The cutter's central toggle joints convert 50 lbs. of handle pressure into 4,000 lbs. of cutting force. H.K. Porter bolt cutters are rated according to metal hardness, and models are available to accommodate metals up to Brinell 455/Rockwell C48 hardness. The cutter jaws of all H.K. Porter cutters are adjustable with the same procedure.


Step 1

Close the handles, and examine the cutter gap. For longest life, the cutting edges should be 1/64-inch apart with the handles closed.

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Step 2

Tighten the adjustment screw located on the cutter handle near the toggle joints using a screwdriver to bring the cutter gap to the 1/64-inch specification.


Step 3

Open the handles. If the jaw edges are too close together with the handles open, loosen the adjusting screw until it is no longer visible in the narrow slot in the handle.

Step 4

Make a cut with the tool adjusted to this position.


Step 5

Close the handles, and examine the cutter gap. If the gap between the cutter jaws exceeds 1/64 inch with the handles closed, tighten the adjusting screw to bring the gap to the correct specification.

Step 6

Oil all joints on the cutter with household oil.



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