How to Make Glycerin Candles

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty glass jar

  • Newspaper

  • Glycerin

  • Double broiler

  • Wire wicks

Glycerin is mainly used for soaps and beauty supplies.

Candle-making is a craft that can be implemented to make gifts or home decorations, and can save you money on candles. Up until the late 1800s, glycerin had to be obtained from candlemakers if you wanted to use it for your own personal use. Although glycerin candles have been mostly replaced by paraffin and beeswax candles, it is still possible to make your own at home. You can even use recycled jars around your home for the candle container.


Step 1

Find an empty glass jar, such as an old jelly jar, baby food jar or small mayonnaise container. Wash it out completely and allow it to dry thoroughly.

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Step 2

Put newspaper down on your work surface. Place your jar in the upright position.


Step 3

Melt the glycerin according to the product instructions. Use a double broiler for this.

Step 4

Use a small ladle to pour a small amount of glycerin inside the jar. You want just enough to cover the bottom of the jar.


Step 5

Grab a wire core wick with a round metal base. Straighten the wick as straight as possible.

Step 6

Position the wire wick inside the jar. The round metal base of the wick should touch down in the wax in the middle of the bottom of the jar so it sticks in place. The wire wick should be stiff, so maneuvering it to get it in the middle shouldn't be that difficult. If you are worried you won't be able to center it, measure and make a mark on the bottom of the jar before you pour the wax in.


Step 7

Hold the wick in place as best as you can while you ladle more glycerin into the jar. When the jar is almost filled to the brim, reposition the wick to the center, if necessary.

Step 8

Allow the candle to cool undisturbed. Glycerin sets relatively quickly. It should only take 15 minutes or so.


Glycerin candles may have a lower light emitting from their wick compared to beeswax or paraffin candles.



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