How to Kill Jimsonweed

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Things You'll Need

  • Protective clothing

  • Trash bags

  • Broadleaf herbicide

  • Hoe or mower

Jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), also known as Jamestown weed, is an annual plant that produces a lot of seeds and is often difficult to control. It is a toxic plant that when consumed can cause hallucinations and possibly death. If you have animals or children, or just don't want the weed in your landscape, then get rid of it. Several methods can be used for its successful elimination, so select one that best meets your needs to rid your landscape of this pesky, toxic weed.


Step 1

Wear gloves, protective eyewear and long clothing. Jimsonweed can irritate the skin and eyes.

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Step 2

Pull jimsonweed, disposing of it in a sealed trash bag. Get all the roots, if possible. Jimsonweed will be easier to pull from the ground when the soil is slightly moist. Therefore, water the area the day before removing jimsonweed if the soil is dry.

Step 3

Apply a broadleaf herbicide, such as one that contains 2,4-D, to the jimsonweed foliage. It will be more effective when the jimsonweed is actively growing in the spring. Read the label or visit the manufacturer's website for a complete list of weeds the herbicide kills and how to use the product correctly.


Step 4

Cultivate the area by hoeing or mowing, starving the jimsonweed in the process, since it will be unable to absorb the sunlight it needs to make energy.

Step 5

Continue to get rid of the weeds as new plants sprout. Old, but still viable seeds are probably still in the soil. So, whichever method you chose will likely need to be repeated on occasion over the next couple of years until no more viable seeds remain.


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