How to Install and Repair a Delta RP19804

Delta Faucet has designed one of the few single-handle tub and shower faucet cartridges that can be repaired. The Delta RP19804 faucet cartridge was designed for the Delta monitor 1300 and 1400 series tub, shower and tub shower bath faucets. Anyone can install a new cartridge, or repair their old cartridge for a fraction of the cost. A new Delta RP19804 cartridge is averaging $30 as of 2011. The replacement seats and springs to rebuild the cartridge are only about $4.

Things You'll Need

  • Meter key

  • Flat-tip screwdriver

  • Phillips-tip screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Plumber’s silicone lubricant

How to Install a Delta RP19804

Step 1

Find the main water supply to your home and close the valve. The main water supply valve may be located in a basement, well house, garage or in a meter box outside near the street. Once you find the valve, turn the valve handle clockwise until it stops. Some water meter valves will require a meter key to close them. Open the outside spigots of the home to drain the water and relieve pressure in the plumbing system.

Step 2

Open the faucet and remove the handle and trim. Use a flat-tip screwdriver to pry off the index button from the front of the faucet handle. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the handle screw located under the index cap. Pull the handle off the Delta RP19804 cartridge stem by hand. Grasp the metal sleeve that is covering the faucet body and pull back by hand to remove it. Unscrew the cartridge retaining nut by hand or with a pair of pliers. Pull the whole cartridge out by hand.

Step 3

Wipe the inside of the Delta faucet clean with a dry cloth. Apply a thin coating of plumber's silicone grease to the outside of the Delta RP19804 faucet cartridge. Insert the cartridge into the faucet. You will need to align the tab on the side of the cartridge with the notch on the side of the faucet body. Grease the threads on the inside of the retaining nut and screw it back on by hand only. Reinstall the metal sleeve and faucet handle. Close any open valves and turn the water back on. Open and close the faucet several times to see that the faucet is operating correctly.

How to Repair a Delta RP19804

Step 1

Turn the water off and remove the faucet handle and trim. Unscrew the bonnet nut that is holding the Delta RP19804 faucet cartridge in place. If you have trouble removing the nut, wrap a rag soaked in white distilled vinegar around the nut and wait 20 minutes.

Step 2

Pull the cartridge out of the faucet. Twist the cartridge from both ends in opposite directions. The cartridge will split apart; revealing the internal workings. Remove the rubber seats and metal springs from the lower section of the cartridge. Install new genuine Delta metal seats and rubber springs into the lower section of the faucet cartridge.

Step 3

Reconnect the lower and upper sections of the cartridge. Reinstall the whole cartridge back into the faucet body. Install the retaining nut trim sleeve and faucet handle. Turn the water on and inspect the faucet for leaks and drips.


Use only original Delta manufactured parts when available.


Use caution when unscrewing the cartridge retaining nut; you can ruin the faucet by applying too much pressure.

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