How to Keep a Ladder in the Pool From Not Floating Up

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Pool ladders are often installed on swimming pools to provide swimmers an easy way in and out of the pool. Most pool ladders are quite lightweight and, when set in the water, tend to float. Lightweight pool ladders often have instructions from the manufacturer on how to weigh down the pool ladder to prevent it from floating up in the water. There are a few simple ways to weigh down the ladder, but make sure you also check the installation instructions from the manufacturer.


Step 1

Remove the screws that hold the ladder legs to the handrails and mounting brackets.

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Step 2

Pull the ladder legs from the handrails.

Step 3

Fill both hollow ladder legs with water. Replace the legs on the handrails and tighten down the screws.


Step 4

Place the ladder in the water at a 15-degree angle and allow water to fill the ladder treads.

Step 5

Secure the ladder to the side of the pool, using the mounting bolts included with the kit.


Gravel or sand is often used in ladders to weigh them down. Check your instruction manual.

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