How to Get Rid of Muscovy Ducks

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Things You'll Need

  • Chicken wire

  • Broom

  • Hose

  • Netting for pool (optional)

  • Dog (optional)

  • Coyote decoy

Call Animal Control about nuisance Muscovy ducks.

While many want to attract certain birds to their property, others may be viewed as nuisance animals soiling your lawn, small ponds or streams, or pools with waste. Some species can carry diseases as well. Muscovy ducks are a breed identified by their red facial skin and black and white feathers with greenish-black wings. If these birds have taken up residence on your property, remove them by removing their nesting areas and utilizing duck deterrents, including any canine friends you have.


Step 1

Stop feeding Muscovy ducks in your area, and ask the neighbors to do the same.

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Step 2

Remove any nesting areas you find on your property. Throw out both nests and eggs. Prune shrubs the birds use as nesting areas to make them less inviting. If they continue to nest in the same spot even after you destroy the nest, place chicken wire over the area.


Step 3

Use a broom or water hose to scare off Muscovy ducks you see on your property. If you have a dog, have the dog help you scare them off by barking and running after them.

Step 4

Use netting over your pool when not in use if Muscovy ducks continually use your pool for swimming. Place deterrents around the pool, such as coyote decoys. If applicable, have your dog walk your pool's perimeter to keep the ducks away.

Step 5

Call the nearest bird sanctuary and arrange to have them pick up the birds or eggs, or call a bird removal service.


Keep a dog(s) around back porches and decks to keep the birds away.


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