How to Stop Suede From Bleeding

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Suede garments require periodic resealing tp protect against "bleeding."

Suede garments can bleed due to the loss of the "colorfast" treatments and protective coatings on the dye. This bleeding can be slight -- in the form of dye coming off on your hands when you touch it -- or can be severe, in the form of the garment morphing into a drastically different and non-uniform color. The most important bleeding prevention is to never allow the suede to get wet or to be stored in a moist environment. The second most essential prevention tip is to reapply protective coatings at least once a year.


Things You'll Need

  • Suede protector

  • Hairspray (optional)

  • Suede brush (optional)

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Step 1

Spray a light coating of professional suede protector over your item. Protector is available at most large retailers such as Target or Wal-mart, at many shoe stores, garment stores or arts and crafts stores.

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Step 2

Dry the suede garment fully (approximately 15 to 30 minutes), then reapply the protector. You can attempt to use hairspray instead of protector as an at-home remedy, although the protector should be more effective.


Step 3

Brush off the excess dyes using a soft rubber brush or wire suede brush if the bleeding is severe and is coming from one specific spot. Do not rub too aggressively.


Never wear suede when there's a chance of rain. If suede does get wet, let it air-dry in cool air, away from heat. Store your suede in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area when you're not using it. Take your suede to be professionally cleaned if it gets stained.


Absolutely never allow the suede to get wet. Do not store your suede in a humid environment or in direct sunlight.



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