How to Pick Up Acorns

Things You'll Need

  • Bag

  • Rake

  • Leaf blower

  • Lawn vacuum

  • Nut remover

Harvesting acorns can be arduous if there are a lot of them.

The sudden appearance of acorns all over the ground is a sure sign autumn is approaching. However, if you already have one large tree shedding acorns, you likely do not need another right next to it. Acorns that get underground may begin to sprout oak seedlings. A carpet of acorns can make walking or playing in the ward a little slippery, and they can also impede proper lawn and garden care. Removing them is often the only option, but they are so small, it can be a lengthy process.

Step 1

Pick up the acorns by hand. This is a long, drawn-out, never ending task. This may be your only option, depending on the topography of your yard and resources you have available. Carry a bag as you collect them. The only advantage to this method is that, if you need the acorns for personal use, this is the best way to gather then without gathering a lot of other yard debris with them.

Step 2

Rake the acorns into a pile then shovel them or remove them by hand. At least if you rake them, they will not be so spread out while you try to gather them. You will rake grass, dirt, twigs and leaves with them, though. So this may not be the best choice if you need to use clean acorns for a project.

Step 3

Use a lawn vacuum or leaf bagger to vacuum up the acorns. This will be quicker but will result in a bag of acorns and debris. These appliances are expensive and are likely not cost-effective if you only need one for this task.

Step 4

Go over the covered area with a mulcher. You can likewise acquire appliances that both vacuum up material, then pulverize it into garden mulch. This has the same benefits and drawbacks as do vacuums and leaf baggers, but this way, you get mulch out of the deal.

Step 5

Use a nut removal device. You can acquire devices specially-designed to pick up nuts in a yard. They range in prices and depending on how many acorns are in your yard each year, this may not be a reasonable choice for you. Many of these machines are motorless and do a reasonable job at separating nuts from debris. You push them through the yard as they pull up the nuts or acorns, dropping them into a basket.