How to Treat Roots in the Sewer With Copper Sulfate

Pour copper sulfate in your toilet so it can get to the roots in your plumbing.

Roots of large trees easily clog sewer pipes without you knowing it. The cracks in your sewer are a goldmine to tree roots looking for sustenance. Fortunately, there are a few ways to eliminate tree roots from your sewer lines, including using root-removing chemicals such as copper sulfate to treat your sewer lines. Copper sulfate is a chemical compound that is used to treat fungi in water systems. However, mishandling of copper sulfate can lead to accidents and health risks. Extreme caution is required when using copper sulfate to treat roots in the sewer.

Step 1

Pour ½ cup of copper sulfate into the toilet. After a few minutes, flush.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 several times. Do not pour copper sulfate into sinks or tub drains to avoid piping problems.

Step 3

Let the last ½ cup of copper sulfate sit in the toilet overnight. Flush it in the morning.

Step 4

Go outside and check where the roots start to penetrate your sewer system. Sprinkle copper sulfate around the area where roots enter to prevent future root growth.

Step 5

Hire a professional or a sewer company if your root-penetration problem persists. These professionals will use advanced techniques and tools to map your entire sewer line and pinpoint where the roots have broken into.