How to Make a Shillelagh Stick

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Things You'll Need

  • Hawthorn tree

  • Stepladder

  • Gloves

  • Branch saw

  • Sharp knife

  • Sandpaper

  • Stain

  • Paintbrushes

  • Varnish

Shillelaghs come from thorny hawthorn trees.

Shillelaghs, from the Gaelic meaning "oak club," traditionally come from England, according to the website Irish Culture and Customs. These hardwood battle clubs-cum-walking sticks made their way over to Ireland when England invaded. According to Mother Earth News, England banned weapons from Ireland. In revolt, the Irish adopted the shillelagh as a walking stick and secret resistance weapon. Create your own shillelagh to show your Irish pride or simply as a handy hiking stick.


Step 1

Find a hawthorn tree with many thick branches. Examine the tree until you see a branch that looks heavy and dense with the traditional gnarled straightness of a shillelagh. The branch should be tapered but strong-looking. If you can't find a hawthorn tree, look for oak, ash or holly. All of these woods are traditional.


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Step 2

Put up a stepladder and put on some gloves. You must handle hawthorn trees with care. All American species have thorns on them, as do many European species. Find a space between the thorns and grip it firmly.

Step 3

Saw through the branch with a branch saw, cutting at a particularly knobby section. Shillelaghs traditionally have a very bumpy, clubbed look.


Step 4

Saw away all of the thorns on your shillelagh branch. If necessary, saw it to length, as well. Your shillelagh should come up to your bellybutton.

Step 5

Hold your shillelagh down on a sturdy surface and slice through the bark with a sharp knife. Put the tip of the blade into the slice and peel away the bark.


Step 6

Set your shillelagh in a cool, dry place to dry for about three weeks. This strengthens the shillelagh by letting it become dry and very dense.

Step 7

Sand the shillelagh so the stumps from the thorns and the places you cut are rounded and smooth.


Step 8

Stain your shillelagh if desired. Dark cherry, black hawthorn and walnut are all appropriate choices. Let the stain dry overnight.

Step 9

Varnish your shillelagh with water-based weather sealer. Add about two coats with 2 hours of drying time between them.


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