How to Install a PVC Saddle Tee

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Things You'll Need

  • PVC primer

  • PVC cement

  • Power drill

  • Steel drill bit

  • Fine sandpaper

Saddle tees attach to PVC pipe with plumber's cement.

PVC saddles tees, also known as snap tees, are used to create a tee fitting for any section of rigid PVC pipe, without having to cut into the PVC pipe to install a traditional three-ended tee fitting. The saddle tee comprises the saddle and an inlet attached to the middle of the saddle to which a new section of PVC pipe will join. The installation process is simple and takes a small amount of time.


Step 1

Brush PVC primer around the PVC pipe in the areas where the saddle tee will be attached -- both PVC primer and PVC cement tins have a small brush attached to their inside lids. Also brush primer to the inside of the saddle.

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Step 2

Brush PVC cement to the PVC pipe where the primer was applied, as well as the inside of the saddle. Push the saddle onto the pipe, so that it snaps in position -- hold the saddle to the pipe for 10 seconds while the cements dries -- if not held into place, the cement can make the saddle slightly slip out of position.


Step 3

Drill, with a power drill and steel drill bit, through the saddle tee's inlet into the center of the original pipe -- be careful to not drill the whole way through the pipe and into the pipe wall on the other side. Roll up a sheet of fine sandpaper and insert it into the drilled hole. Turn the sandpaper several times to remove any plastic fragments from the drilled hole.


Use a drill bit the same diameter as the saddle tee's inlet to create the hole in the side of the PVC pipe.

Once the saddle tee has been installed, a PVC pipe section can be primed and cemented into the tee's inlet.



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