How to Get Rid of Bagworms Naturally

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bag

  • Rubber gloves

Bagworms live in sacks that hang on the branches of trees.

Bagworms often defoliate conifer and deciduous trees. The worms move slowly, because the queen does not fly, making it possible to remove them naturally. Bagworms winter over as eggs inside a small sack on the female. The sacks enlarge in early summer when the larvae attach to the tree and grow. Remove the sacks naturally during this four-week growth period for best results.


Step 1

Inspect the tree to verify the bags contain bagworms. The 2-inch bags are cone-shaped and hang from the end of the branches. Infected conifers have bags that appear as small pinecones.

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Step 2

Pick the bags off the tree by hand and place them in a plastic bag. Wear rubber gloves.


Step 3

Check the tree to verify the removal of all bags.

Step 4

Inspect surrounding trees and remove any bags from worms that have spread.

Step 5

Tie the plastic bag closed and dispose in the garbage or burn to prevent spreading the worms to other trees in the area.


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