How to Tar the Exterior Walls of a Foundation

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Things You'll Need

  • Concrete damp-proofing compound (tar-based)

  • Paint tray

  • Broom

  • Paint roller

Though durable and easy to manipulate, concrete is not resistant to water. The porous material can allow water to pass through rather easily if not properly protected. If you have ever noticed the black compound on the exterior of a concrete foundation, you know the ubiquity of this tar-based material. This compound is a necessary step in keeping the basement dry and the concrete durable. With a basic application, you can apply the protection in a few hours.


Step 1

Fill a paint tray with the concrete damp-proofing compound and move it near the site of the foundation.

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Step 2

Sweep off any fine dust particles on the foundation with a broom.

Step 3

Roll the paint roller into the tray of compound to apply an even coating, then transfer the compound directly to the foundation wall.

Step 4

Apply the foundation to the wall with an even stroke as you work from the base to a height 1 foot above the ground level. Once the foundation is backfilled, the compound must be at least 1 foot above ground level to protect the concrete fully.


Wait 24 hours after the application of the compound before backfilling the foundation.


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