How to Kill Ants Using Air Freshener

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Orange oil air fresheners naturally fight the ant community.

Seeing one ant traipsing around the floors or counters of your home is usually just a foreshadowing of the invasion of ants to come. Ants can enter truly through the smallest cracks in your home, being attracted to the scents of food or water. While the average home supply store has a number of ant poisons or comparable items, if you have pets or children, you most likely won't want to expose your house to a toxic barrage of chemicals. However, certain household products such as air fresheners can be just as effective at killing ants as the average chemical.


Step 1

Walk around your home, locating the trails that ants have been using to enter your home. For example, look for cracks in floorboards, in corners, by windowsills and under doors and door frames.

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Step 2

Spray all the ant trails you locate with an orange oil–based air freshener daily. According to the website "As Cleaned on TV," "...the main ingredient in orange oil can deliver a devastating blow to the ant community."

Step 3

Spray all counters, shelves, entrances and under all wastebaskets in your home — particularly all doorways — with orange oil daily. You will see an immediate reduction in the influx of ants in your home and death to the ones that are already there.


Orange oil will make your floors slippery so you'll have to proceed with caution.

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