How to Soften Super Sculpey

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Things You'll Need

  • Super Sculpey

  • Pasta machine

  • Sculpey Diluent

Conditioning Super Sculpey helps make it stronger.

Super Sculpey is a polymer clay modeling agent that is used in creating sculptures. In order to make it more workable, it has to be softened, or "conditioned." This is a process that requires some work on the artist's part to get the clay to the right consistency. By conditioning the Super Sculpey before sculpting with it, the medium will become more pliable and stronger when baked. Sometimes Super Sculpey is too dried out to be conditioned by hand. For this situation, an old pasta maker can be used.


New Super Sculpey

Step 1

Knead Super Sculpey with your hands until it is soft enough to use. When mixing two different colors, knead until the colors have mixed to form a uniform color. Mixing two types of Super Sculpey together is a good way to know the clay has been conditioned enough.


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Step 2

Set the pasta machine to the widest setting for conditioning harder Super Sculpey. Roll the Super Sculpey through the pasta machine. It may come out looking crumbly if the medium is particularly hard. Add a few drops of Sculpey diluent to the clay and work it through with your fingers.

Step 3

Fold the Super Sculpey in half and run it through the pasta machine again. This will help distribute the diluent to the clay. Refold the clay and run it through again, adding the diluent as necessary until the clay is smooth and pliable. This process may need to be repeated several times.


Do not use pasta machine for making pasta after using it to condition Super Sculpey.


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