How to Kill Ants With Molasses

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Things You'll Need

  • Molasses

  • Sugar

  • Borax or dry yeast

  • Disposable plastic utensil

  • Small lids

  • Baby food jars or yogurt containers with lids

Molasses can help you hide other substances that will kill the ants.

Ants are common problem for households all over the world. These tiny perpetrators sniff out food sources and aggressively seize it in large numbers. If that food source is within your home or lawn, these smell pests can create a big problem in your living spaces. Molasses offers a safe alternative to eliminating these irritants. Though molasses itself won't kill the ants, it can cleverly disguise things that can.


Step 1

Pour ½ cup of molasses into a bowl.

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Step 2

Add 6 tbsp. of sugar and 6 tbsp. of dry yeast or 1 ½ tbsp. of borax to the molasses and mix well with a disposable plastic utensil.

Step 3

Place the mixture into small lids or on small pieces of cardboard. If you have children or pets that may get into it, place the solution into baby food jars or plastic yogurt cups. Poke holes in the lids with scissors or a knife to allow the ants to get in.


Step 4

Place the homemade traps in areas where you have had problems with ants so they can find it easily.

Step 5

Replenish the bait once a week. Ants may also become stuck in the bait due to its sticky nature. Those that get away will take the mixture back to their nest and feed it to the others, killing off many of them. Over time you can significantly reduce your ant population.


Wear a mask when measuring the borax to avoid inhaling the dust.


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