How to Stucco Over Painted Brick

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Things You'll Need

  • Power washer

  • Bonding agent

  • Roofing fabric

  • Metal mesh

  • Roofing nails

  • Trowel

  • Stucco

  • Rake

  • Lambswool paint roller

Stucco allows you to quickly change the look of your home.

When you install stucco over painted brick you will not have to add too much to the process due to the changes. Expect the additional work to take an hour or so depending on the overall size of the wall and the condition of the paint. Stucco acts as an insulator and allows you to create a textured surface on your walls with a minimal amount of work.


Step 1

Spray the painted wall with a pressure sprayer to remove excess paint chips from the surface of the wall. Position the sprayer approximately 12 inches away from the wall and set it around 1500 PSI. You do not have to remove all of the paint. However, you must remove loose paint from the wall. The pressure washer will also hydrate the stone to prevent the stone from pulling the moisture out of the stucco.


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Step 2

Roll a coat of concrete bonding agent to the surface of the wall with a paint roller. The bonding agent will promote adhesion between the wall and the stucco. You must wait until the bonding agent cures. This time will differ depending on the brand. Follow the directions on the bonding agent container for curing times.


Step 3

Place a ¼-inch coat of stucco on the wall with a trowel. Wait 30 minutes and then lightly scratch the surface of the stucco with a metal rake. This is called a scratch coat. Allow adequate drying time after you apply the scratches. Usually 24 hours will suffice.

Step 4

Apply a second ¼-inch coat of stucco over the first scratch coat. After 30 minutes scratch grooves into the stucco that run parallel with the round. Use your rake to do this. Allow 48 hours drying time.


Step 5

Apply a third ¼-inch coat of stucco to the wall and wait 30 minutes. Roll over the wall with a lamb's wool paint roller to add texture to the wall. When the roller starts to load up with stucco, replace it with a fresh one. Wait at least 48 hours for the stucco to dry.

Step 6

Apply a coat of exterior latex paint to the wall with a paint roller or a paint sprayer.



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