How to Craft With Old Silverware

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Things You'll Need

  • Silver silverware

  • Drill

  • Titanium drill bit

  • Rawhide mallet

  • Wall screw

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Picture

  • Vise

You can make many easy and fun craft projects out of old silverware.
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There are tons of old pieces of silverware that can be purchased for near to nothing at thrift shops and yard sales. Recycling these old pieces of silverware to make crafts gives them a new life. A lot of vintage silverware has beautifully designed handles that add detail to your metal crafting projects. Solid silver is the best silverware to use for crafts because it can be bent easily.


Coat Hook

Step 1

Set the silverware spoon or folk on a wooden block. Drill a hole through the utensil's handle with a drill fitted with a titanium drill bit.

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Step 2

Bend the utensil into a U-shape. Bend both ends of the utensil around the sides of a can with pliers. Pound the ends gently with a rawhide mallet until the utensil forms around the can. Slide the utensil up off the can to reveal it's hook shape.


Step 3

Hold the utensil so the handle with the hole in it is against the wall you want to attach the hook to. Attach the hook to the wall by setting a screw in the hole in the handle and screwing it to the wall with a screwdriver.

Folk Picture Holder Stand

Step 1

Bend the two outermost fork tines backwards into a 90 degree angle with pliers. These tines will work as the stand's footing.


Step 2

Bend the innermost tines upward toward the handle in a 70 to 90 degree angle. These tines will hold the picture in the stand. Bend the tines closer to the handle for thin framed pictures and pull them outward for thick framed pictures.

Step 3

Bend the handle backward to create an arch. Rest the outermost fork tines and the tip of the handle on the table. Adjust the handle's angle with pliers until the stand stands sturdy.


Step 4

Slide the picture frame between the upward pointing inner tines and the back of the fork. Let the back and top of the picture rest on the fork's handle.

Folk Bracelet Cuff

Step 1

Place the fork tines in a vise. Tighten the vise.


Step 2

Bend the fork handle back towards you into a U shape with pliers. Use a rawhide mallet to hammer the fork backwards if needed.

Step 3

Remove the fork from the vise. Shape the fork by pounding the handle inwards with the rawhide mallet until you form it into a cuff that is large enough to fit around your wrist. Overlap the handle and tines for smaller wrists.


Curl folk tines inward with pliers to create curls if desired.


Use silver utensils instead of silver-plate utensils because they are easier to manipulate



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