How to Make a Smartie Drink

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 oz. grape schnapps

  • 2 oz. melon liqueur

  • 4 shot glasses

  • Drink shaker and strainer

  • Ice

Smarties drinks are served in shot glasses.

Bars and pubs have traditionally offered beer, wine and liquor; however, many establishments are now turning to a new type of mixed drink crafted by a new type of bartender. The "mixologist" is a bartender who specializes in crafting drinks made with a variety of liquors, juices and liqueurs to create unique flavors. These drinks often taste like something else, typically a sweet fruit, candy or dessert. The Smartie drink is a shot designed to taste like the small, sweet, fruity Smarties candies.


Step 1

Fill the drink shaker 2/3 full of ice. Place 4 shot glasses in a line on a flat surface. Chilling the shaker with ice as you prepare the shot glasses allows it to become cold enough to chill the drinks.

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Step 2

Pour 2 oz. of grape schnapps into the drink shaker.

Step 3

Pour 2 oz. of melon liqueur into the drink shaker. Place the lid back on the drink shaker.

Step 4

Shake to mix the grape schnapps and melon liqueur.

Step 5

Remove the lid of the drink shaker and place the strainer on top of the shaker.

Step 6

Pour the drink through the strainer into the shot glasses. Each glass should be filled with 1 oz. of the Smarties drink.


If a drink shaker is not available, simply stir the ingredients together, remove the ice and pour into the glasses.

Chilling the liqueurs prior to use will eliminate the need for ice.


Ensure alcoholic beverages are consumed only by persons of the legal age.


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