How to Freeze Diced Tomatoes

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Things You'll Need

  • Any variety of tomatoes

  • Vacuum food sealer or plastic

  • Freezer bags

  • Large pot

  • Colander

  • Ice

Freeze those tomatoes to use in the winter.

During the winter in the northern U.S., fresh tomatoes can be very expensive and not very good. However, if you freeze them when they are plentiful and inexpensive during the summer, they will be available for sauces and other uses all winter long. Imagine being able to make your own spaghetti sauce or chili with diced tomatoes that you have frozen. Not only will they taste better, you will save money in the process.


Step 1

Pick tomatoes from your garden or buy them from the supermarket. You can use all varieties of tomatoes, but many people prefer Romas because they have fewer seeds and less water than most other varieties. Throw away tomatoes that are overripe, rotten or bruised.

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Step 2

Remove the skins of your tomatoes. Simply place them into a pot of boiling water for about one minute, then transfer them to ice water. That will loosen the skins and make it much easier to remove them.

Step 3

Trim the tomatoes to get rid of stems and other hard material as well as overripe and spoiled areas.

Step 4

Squeeze each tomato to reduce the moisture and rid them of seeds. Once that is accomplished, dice the tomatoes into small pieces.


Step 5

Use a colander to drain your tomatoes before moving to the next step. You want them to be relatively dry before you freeze them.

Step 6

Fill the freezer bags with the tomatoes without overfilling them because they will expand when they are frozen. Gently push the air pockets out of the bags, then rid the remainder with a vacuum sealer. If you don't have one, do your best to eliminate the remaining air pockets.


Step 7

Place the bags in the back of your freezer where they will freeze the fastest. Then when the time comes for you to use them, you'll have fresh-tasting tomatoes at a fraction of the cost.


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