How to Remove a Stubborn Clogged Toilet

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Things You'll Need

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Toilet plunger

  • Toilet auger

The right tools will enable you to unclog even stubborn toilet clogs.

Some toilet clogs will come loose when you flush the toilet or even pour a bucket of water rapidly into the bowl. Other clogs, however, require you to roll up your sleeves and use some elbow grease to remove them. Of course, even with the use of brute force you still need to use the right tools in order to dislodge the clog. Purchase a plunger and toilet auger at a home improvement center and keep them in a convenient place for the next stubborn toilet clog.


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Step 1

Spread petroleum jelly onto the edge of the rubber cup on a toilet plunger, making sure to not leave any spot uncovered. Push the plunger's cup over the drain opening in the toilet until the cut compresses, then pull up on the plunger's handle until the cup returns to its original form.

Step 2

Pump the plunger's handle 24 more times in an attempt to dislodge the clog. Remove the plunger from the toilet and flush the toilet again to see if the clog has come free.

Step 3

Feed the flexible portion of a toilet auger into the toilet's drain hole in the bottom of the bowl. Make sure the curved part of the end of the flexible auger is pointing upward.


Step 4

Turn the auger clockwise as you push it further through the toilet's drain pipe. Turn the auger counterclockwise and pull it out of the toilet once you have fed the entire flexible portion of the auger into the toilet's drain.

Step 5

Flush the toilet to determine if the clog is completely gone. If the toilet drains slowly, feed the auger into the drain two more times, scraping the auger against the sides of the drain pipe to remove the leftover buildup.