How to Remove Squeeze Clamps

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Squeeze clamps have two levers that pinch together.

Squeeze clamps are used to hold hoses in place on a number of low-pressure systems. The most common squeeze clamps can be found on the air intake hose on your car engine. These clamps are made of spring steel which allows them to keep hoses tightly fastened over hose flanges and fittings. Due to the strength of the spring steel, most cannot be removed by hand. Before a hose can be removed, you have to loosen and remove the clamp.


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Step 1

Open the jaws of a pair of channel lock pliers.

Step 2

Place the open jaws over the angled protrusions on the squeeze clamp.

Step 3

Squeeze the plier handles to pinch the protrusions together. This causes the clamp to expand.


Step 4

Slide the squeeze clamp down the length of the hose until it clears the flange inside the hose. Release the pliers.

Step 5

Pull the hose off the flange. Place the pliers back on the protrusions and squeeze them together. Slide the clamp off the hose.