How to Mail Scroll Invitations

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Things You'll Need

  • Mailing box

  • Mailing tube

  • Confetti or paper confetti strips

  • Permanent marker

  • Decorative mailing label

Mail a scroll invitation in a box or tube.

If you have crafted a scroll invitation, you may wonder about the best method for mailing it. There are several ways you can send your invitations in style while still protecting your handiwork, but keep in mind that scroll invitations may cost you significantly more in postage than standard invitations.


Step 1

Go to a mail supply store and purchase small boxes or tubes that fit the length and width of your scrolls.

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Step 2

Fill the boxes or the scrolls with faux flower petals or confetti/confetti strips that match the theme of your event. These items can be purchased from online or local vendors.

Step 3

Seal the containers with clear packing tape.

Step 4

Using a marker, write the address of the guest directly on each tube or box. Otherwise, place a decorative mailing label on each container and write the appropriate address on the each label. Mail the packages.


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