How to Kill Red Bugs Around My Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Tree trimmer

  • High-pressure sodium vapor yellow lights

  • Insect book

  • Pesticide

Pools are not enjoyable to use if insects are in and around the water.

Swimming pools are useful for entertaining and relaxing when they are kept clean. Debris, unhealthy water and insect infestation can render a swimming pool area unusable in a short amount of time if the pool is not properly maintained. Red-colored insects can become plentiful around a pool if plants are nearby and the pool area isn't clean. Killing these red-colored bugs from around your pool requires some diligence, whether they be ladybugs, ants or another red variety.


Step 1

Cut back any tree branches near the pool with a tree trimmer to place more distance between the branches and the pool. Affecting the habitat will eliminate resources that the bugs need so if they don't relocate, they will die.

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Step 2

Remove any plants from around the pool and clean up any clippings or plant remnants to further eliminate food and shelter options.


Step 3

Replace any mercury vapor lights that are frequently used around pools with high-pressure sodium vapor yellow lights. Bugs are less likely to be attracted to them and this will further reduce the population you have to kill. Keep the lights 20 to 30 feet away from the water if the space allows it.


Step 4

Look up the characteristics of your red insects in an insect book to identify the specific type you are dealing with. This will help you identify a pesticide that will successfully kill off the remaining bugs.

Step 5

Spray the area around the pool with a pesticide designed for your red bugs. Follow all instructions to ensure the pesticide is used safely and keep children and pets away from the pool area while the pesticide is present.



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