How to Use a Dremel to Sand

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A Dremel is hand-held rotary tool that relies on speed rather than power to complete a job. This tool has many attachments, from sanding to cutting bits. Choosing the proper attachment and technique can be difficult, and sanding with a Dremel is a delicate job. Many Dremel bits can be used for both metal and wood and will say so on the packaging. Use the attachments and accessories FastFinder on the company's website if you have trouble finding the proper attachment.


Things You'll Need

  • Extension Cord

  • Vise

  • Safety Goggles

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Step 1

Press the locking switch on the Dremel and loosen the chuck by turning counterclockwise with the tool provided with the tool. Remove the bit and replace it with your chosen sanding attachment. Ensure that it is tight.

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Step 2

Ensure the Dremel is off before plugging it in. Determine if you will need the extension cord for the project.


Step 3

Put on the safety goggles and secure the item you are sanding using the vise to prevent injury or accident.

Step 4

Start at the lowest speed on the Dremel tool and apply light and even pressure. Increase the speed if necessary to attain a proper finish.


Step 5

Glide the Dremel over the surface of what you are sanding, making light but steady contact. Doing so will leave the surface evenly sanded and reduce the chance of mistakes.

Step 6

Change to a finer grit sanding attachment as you progress, to leave a smooth finish on your item.


If the sanding bit you are using becomes clogged or doesn't work as well as in the beginning, change it out for a different bit of the same type.

Practice on scrap wood or metal to get your sanding techniques down.

Do not be afraid to use a piece of sandpaper to finish your product by hand, since sometimes the final touches are best added delicately.


Never hold the item in your hand while sanding.



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