How to Drape Tulle on the Head Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Table linens

  • Scissors

  • Safety pins

Use colored tulle for a splash of color on your head table.

The best way to have your guests marvel when they arrive at your reception venue is to make a dynamic focal point of your head table. Draping tulle over your table allows you to add aesthetic appeal, romance and elegance to the bridal table. Using tulle also allows you to cut down on costs as tulle is readily available online and at fabric stores at an affordable price. Several methods exist to drape tulle on your head table. Choose the style that best matches the style and formality of your event.


Step 1

Measure the length of the head table. Add linens of equal length on top of the head table. Table linens in a different color than the tulle will contrast better than linens and tulle in the same color family. Double the length of the fabric. This excess will allow you to have enough tulle fabric after you swag it. Wrap your tulle tightly. Start at the corner of the head table and use a fabric pin to pin the tulle into place. Measure about 3 feet and pin the tulle again. Stretch the fabric out so that it swags between the two pins. Continue this process until you reach the other end of the table.

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Step 2

Add table linens to the head table. Cut out tulle so that it is double the length of the table. Start at the left end of the table. Gather your tulle and twist it tightly. Place a bouquet or table clamp on top of the tulle. This is a device that looks like a "C" clamp, but is meant to keep table linens and decoration in place. Swag the tulle several feet. Pull the tulle to the edge of the table and place another clamp on top of the tulle. Continue to swag the tulle at equal distances and place a clamp on the top of the swag. Add flowers to the bouquet clamp.


Step 3

Place linens over the head table. Pin white Christmas lights to the linens. Cut out tulle that is the same measurement as the linens. Spread out the tulle like you are placing a sheet on your bed. Let any excess tulle pool at the floor. The translucent nature of the tulle will let guests see the lights, but they will be slightly shadowed by the tulle.


Step 4

Measure the length from the front of the table to the floor. Measure the width of the table. Add a few feet for your swag. Cut out the fabric so it is the same length and width as your measurements. Fan your tulle over the table. Start at the left edge of the table. Rake a 1-inch portion of the tulle that covers the front of the table in your hand. Fold the fabric back and forth accordion style. Pin the tulle to your table cloth every few feet. Your finished look will have a gathered look.


Step 5

Measure the length of the table. Let your tape measure drop to the desired height of your swag and include this drop in your measurement. Pin your tulle to one edge of the table. Pin the tulle to the other table edge as you let the fabric drape as desired. Your finished look will include one swag across the center of the table.


Measure only the top and front for fabric needs if your head table is against a wall. The guests will not be able to see the back of the table, so you can safely leave off the fabric to save money.


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