How to Convert a Picture Into a Tattoo Design

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Pictures can be converted into tattoos easily by professional tattoo artists.

Often people have a special photo of a beloved pet or person, or a beautiful or meaningful object which they would like to convert into a tattoo that they could display on their skin. However, whenever you're thinking about getting a tattoo, it's important to remember that once the design in tattooed onto your skin, there is very little that can be done to fix any mistakes. Therefore it is important to take the right steps when converting your picture in order to get the exact tattoo you want.


Step 1

Find a reputable, professional tattoo artist. The easiest way to convert a picture into a tattoo is to ask a tattoo artist to do it for you. The tattoo artist can do this in a number of ways, but no matter what steps are taken to convert the picture, it is important to find a great artist, with a lot of experience in original designs who can help you create the exact tattoo you're looking for.


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Step 2

Ask for samples of the tattoo artist's previous work. Make sure that the artist shows you any original or freehand designs he's done. Look closely at the artwork and decide whether you like the style, and ask whether the artist is open to other styles. You may have to talk to several different artists before you find one you like. Try to be patient, because whichever artist you pick will be permanently marking your skin.


Step 3

Talk to your chosen tattoo artist about the picture you want converted into the tattoo. There are some tattoo artists available who can easily draw a perfect freehand of the photo but they are rare, and if you let someone freehand tattoo the picture onto you, you may be opening the door for mistakes or a tattoo you don't like. Most tattoo artists should offer to copy the design and make a template, which can be used to create the perfect tattoo long before it's actually applied.


Step 4

Tell the tattoo artist exactly what you're looking for. Some small changes may have to be made to the tattoo in order to make it work, and a professional tattoo artist should sit down with you and talk about this. Your tattoo artist should do everything he can to make the tattoo exactly as you want it.


Step 5

Look carefully at the final template. If there are things you dislike about it, don't hesitate to tell the artist. Most artists will apply the template to your skin and give you another chance to look at it before tattooing over it. This is your opportunity to make sure your picture has been correctly converted into the tattoo.


You may be able to find a reputable tattoo artist online who will convert the photo into a template. They can then send you the template and recommend a good local artist who can tattoo over it.



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