How to Calculate Quarter Points for Wood Beam Construction

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Use a tape measure to measure your beams.

When constructing floors, you need to calculate quarter points on the main wood beams; you can place pieces of wood at these points to help strengthen the floor so that it will be able to hold more weight. This is very important in rooms in which you have heavier objects, such as the kitchen. The more pieces of wood you put in between the main beams, the stronger the floor becomes.


Step 1

Measure the wood beam. For example, assume one is 12 feet long.

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Step 2

Divide the length by four; this is your first quarter point. In the example, 12/4=3, so the first quarter point is at 3 feet.


Step 3

Add the number calculated in Step 2 to the position of the first quarter beam. In the example, 3+3=6, so the second quarter point is at 6 feet.

Step 4

Add the number calculated in Step 2 to the position of the second quarter beam. In the example, 6+3=9; this is the third and final quarter point.



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