How to Remove a Metal Awning

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Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Screwdriver

  • Utility knife

Removing metal awnings requires more than one person.

Metal awnings come in small sizes that fit over windows and doors, and larger sizes that fit over an entire porch or side of the home. While many people like the look of metal awnings and the shade they provide, others don't. In addition, the metal can begin to rust or discolor giving the home a shabby appearance. Removing the awning typically requires only a screwdriver. However, it is best to have an assistant, since awnings are heavy.


Step 1

Place a ladder under the awning and climb up onto the ladder so that you can examine the awning. If the awning is made of individual slats, lift the slats upward and then outward to remove them from the main structure.

Step 2

Look at the left horizontal support bar that runs along the bottom of the awning and attaches perpendicular to the wall via a mounting bracket. Insert a screwdriver into the screws in the bracket and remove them. Pull the bar out from the wall and the bracket will fall off the wall.


Step 3

Ask another person to hold up the detached side of the metal awning while you repeat the procedure on the opposite side of the awning to detach the other horizontal support bar.

Step 4

Look at the underside of the metal awning where it attaches to the wall to locate a row of screws. These screws are typically in the underside of the awning but may be on the top. Remove each screw from the awning with the screwdriver.

Step 5

Grasp the awning, and with the help of another person, lift it downward to remove it from the house.


Step 6

Examine the long mounting bracket that is still attached to the wall and remove the screws in it to detach it from the wall. You make need to use a utility knife to cut the caulk around the mounting bracket, if caulk was used.