How to Keep Toilets From Clogging

All toilets can clog, but modern toilets use less water per flush and this means some may be more prone to clogging. Dealing with a clogged toilet can get messy fast and take some time to correct. A plunger is usually all it takes to get rid of a clog, but if the toilet has overflowed, you'll have that mess to deal with afterward. If you make some changes in your household, you can prevent a lot of clogging and mess.

Step 1

Switch to single-ply toilet paper or use less of your two-ply toilet paper. The less paper put in the toilet, the less likely it will clog.

Step 2

Avoid putting anything but toilet paper into the toilet. Even items deemed flushable, such as some feminine hygiene products, may cause clogs.

Step 3

Keep toilet lids closed and move items that could fall into the toilet further away.


If even using smaller amounts of toilet paper causes clogging, switch to a fast-decomposing paper sold for camping use.

Usually toilet clogs are just caused by putting too much into the bowl; sometimes, however, tree roots can invade plumbing and cause toilets to back up. If you suspect this is the case, or a plumber has told you so, you can buy chemicals to flush down your toilet to keep the roots at bay.

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