How to Remove the Lock Ring on a John Deere Lawnmower Axle

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Things You'll Need

  • Jack

  • Jack stands

  • Snap ring pliers

  • Flat-head screwdriver

John Deere lawnmower wheels do not connect to the axle of the mower using lug nuts or retainer nuts. Instead, they use either a snap ring or an E-ring, depending on the year and model of the mower. Snap ring pliers are required to remove a snap ring; however, a flat-head screwdriver can remove an E-ring. Both rings are protected by a plastic wheel cap that must be removed prior to removing the ring.


Step 1

Move the mower to a flat, solid surface. Turn off the mower and engage the parking brake.

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Step 2

Lift the mower using a jack. Follow the jack manufacturer's instructions for the proper lifting procedure. Lift the jack above the jack stand and then slide the jack stand under the frame of the mower. Lower the mower onto the jack stand and then remove the jack.

Step 3

Pull off the cap in the center of the wheel that you would like to remove.


Step 4

Look at the retaining ring to determine if it is a snap ring or E-clip. A snap ring has two small holes for snap ring pliers to be inserted, and an E-clip is a flat metal piece that resembles an "E."

Step 5

Insert the end of the snap ring pliers into the snap ring, squeeze the pliers and pull the clip off of the axle.

Step 6

Place a flat-head screwdriver against the bottom of the inside of the E-clip. Push up on the screwdriver to pry the clip off of the axle.