How to Landscape Around Flagpoles

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Things You'll Need

  • Shovel

  • Rake

  • Gravel

  • Rock

  • Topsoil

  • Flowers

  • Solar light

Landscape around the base of a flagpole for access and visual appeal.

Flagpoles can be used to proudly display the flag of a country, state, organization or team. Commonly made of metal or fiberglass, flagpoles are mounted securely in the ground and can range in height up to 25 feet or more. Once a flagpole is installed, the ground around the pole can be landscaped using a variety of plant materials. A well-landscaped area around a flagpole should allow access for raising and lowering flags and provide interest and eye appeal to the area.


Step 1

Level the ground around the flagpole with a shovel and rake. Break up larger clumps of dirt with a shovel and smooth the area with a rake in preparation for installing the landscape materials.

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Step 2

Outline with rocks an area around the flagpole that will provide enough room for raising and lowering flags. Choose rocks that are 4 to 6 inches in diameter and form a circle that is 3 feet from the base of the flagpole. Leave a 2-foot-wide opening in the circle of rocks for a path that will lead up to the flagpole.


Step 3

Create a second circle of rocks 8 to 10 feet from the base of the flagpole. Outline this circle with 4- to 6-inch rocks and leave a 2-foot-wide opening on one side for a path that will lead to the flagpole. Create the path by connecting the inner opening to the outer opening with two rows of rock.


Step 4

Add gravel to the area inside the rock outline around the base of the flagpole and the path leading up to the flagpole. Fill in the smaller rock outline and the path with 2 to 3 inches of small gravel to provide an area to stand in while raising and lowering flags.

Step 5

Add 2 to 3 inches of topsoil to the area between the inner and outer circle of rock to create a planting bed. Work the topsoil into the dirt with a shovel.


Step 6

Plant annuals, perennials or a combination in the bed around the flagpole. Choose flowers based on colors of the flag being flown, season, holiday or personal preference.

Step 7

Install a solar-powered floodlight to illuminate the flag if it is to be flown at night. Place the light in the ground and adjust the angle so that the flag is properly illuminated. Add larger rocks or plants around the solar light to help hide the light if desired.



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