How to Clean Stainless Steel With WD-40

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Things You'll Need

  • Chemical-resistant gloves

  • Clean cloth

WD-40 cleans and brightens stainless steel.

The multiple uses and effective nature of WD-40 makes it a mainstay in houses around the world, and the WD-40 Company reported global sales of $322 million in 160 countries in the 2010 fiscal year. While many people use the product to remove rust and lubricate bearings, the wonder spray can help you clean metals. Cleaning stainless steel with WD-40 works quickly and efficiently, but it leaves behind an oily film that's undesirable on surfaces that contact food.


Step 1

Don a pair of chemical-resistant gloves, such as rubber or plastic gloves.

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Step 2

Hold the can of WD-40 6 to 12 inches away from the stainless steel. Push down on the nozzle head to spray the chemical. Coat the steel, but avoid using so much WD-40 that it pools or runs off the surface of the metal.


Step 3

Leave the spray sitting on the surface of the steel for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 4

Clean the WD-40 off the surface of the steel using a clean cloth. Rub using a circular motion to buff and clean the metal at the same time.


Wash the stainless steel with soap and warm water if you want to remove the fine coat of WD-40 left on the surface after cleaning.

Scrub with a nylon brush rather than a clean cloth to remove WD-40 saturated rust. Avoid using steel wool on stainless steel, as it can easily scratch the metal.



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