How to Pour Concrete Into Block Cores

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Things You'll Need

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Bucket

  • Cement trowel

A solid retaining wall can be built from cinder block and filled with concrete.

Concrete block, also known as cinder block, has been a staple of building materials for years. Blocks are stacked one upon the other to form everything from exterior walls to retaining walls. When reinforced with steel and filled with concrete, a rock-solid wall can be built to withstand the elements. The hollow core of each concrete block keeps it from weighing too much to work with and provides a cavity that can be filled with concrete for added strength.


Step 1

Mix up a batch of concrete. Using a wheelbarrow or mixer, mix concrete following the manufacturer's directions, keeping the mix on the slushy side.

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Step 2

Pour concrete into a bucket. Using another bucket to act as a dipper, fill a 5-gallon bucket only halfway with concrete or it'll be too heavy.


Step 3

Pour concrete from the bucket into the cinder block voids. Fill the internal space of the block wall with concrete, pouring from the bucket. Keep filling voids with concrete until level with the top of each block, using the cement trowel to level the concrete.


Fill the concrete blocks after every two to three courses are laid.


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