How to Make a Sisal Rug Lay Flat

Keep your sisal rug flat for an attractive and natural floor covering.

Covering a floor with a sisal rug can bring an organic, unrefined element to a decorating theme. The rough texture of sisal fibers creates a rugged feel under your feet, and the natural colors can tie the rest of your decor together effectively. Because a sisal rug often remains rolled up for an extended time before you purchase it, you must train the rug to lay flat on your floor.

Step 1

Unroll the sisal rug after you purchase it and install it on the floor where you want it. Leaving the rug flat on the floor for between 24 and 48 hours should be enough to train it to stay flat.

Step 2

Fold corners under if they want to curl or roll. Leave the corners folded under for 24 to 48 hours and then unfold the corners again. They should remain flat.

Step 3

Install a strip of double-sided carpet tape on the underside of the sisal carpet if the carpet corners will not stay flat. Use a 12-inch length of tape and affix it to the underside of each corner. Press the corners down securely with your hands and the double-sided tape will stick to both the carpet and the floor to hold the sisal carpet down flat.


Vacuum your sisal rug frequently to keep the fibers clean.


Do not stretch or pull on the sisal fibers in an attempt to make the carpet lie flat. You may damage the fibers.

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