How to Tie Vertical Rebar in a Footing

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Things You'll Need

  • Channel blocks

  • Level

  • 1-by-3-by-8-foot wood strips

  • Wire tie

  • Pliers

  • Concrete

Rebar is used in all concrete construction.

Vertical reinforcing bar, commonly known as rebar, prevents a concrete wall from cracking and bending from wind and soil movements. The easiest and most commonly used method of installation that is acceptable in the majority of counties is the use of supports; however, always contact your local building department first before using any method, to check about local codes. Some will require you secure your vertical rebar using another method.


Step 1

Lay down a layer of channel blocks around the footing's foundation. Place the channel blocks straight around the edge of the footing.

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Step 2

Insert the vertical rebar directly in the middle of the channel block. Do not jam the rebar in. Have an assistant hold the rebar straight and use the level to make sure it is straight.


Step 3

Cross two, 1-by-3-by-8-foot wood strips to form legs on the vertical rebar. Cross the wood strips with each other, so the strip forms an "X"-shaped cross near the top of the wood strips. Secure the crossed wood strips to the rebar using the wire ties. Wrap the tie around the wood strip and the rebar in the area where the wood strips are crossed together. Wrap the wire tie tightly using the pliers. Ensure the legs of the wood strips are touching the ground and supports the rebar from falling.


Step 4

Pour concrete into the channel blocks. Pour concrete until the level of the concrete is flush with the top of the channel block. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's mixing instructions, as it varies by manufacturer. Let the concrete dry overnight.

Step 5

Remove the wood strips. Use the pliers to untie the tie wrap on the wood strips. Now the vertical rebar is supported and secured to the footing by the concrete.



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